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Study Sessions:

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If self-love and healing were on the other side of discomfort, would you have the courage to face your fears?

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Study Sessions are smaller group sessions with 15-35 people.

Study Sessions are available on a monthly basis and can be booked individually.

Upcoming Sessions:


Now: Tues, March 23, 7-9 PM EST

"Where is the Love?"

*Lead by Laura*

·Tackling motherhood, sisterhood, and sexuality wounds

·Confronting our inner goblin named Jealousy

·Learning why it's hard to be happy for other women

·Examining core beliefs and insecurities

·Exploring gender & queerness


"Social Justice & Anti-Oppression 101"

*Lead by Jynee, Maya, Ashley, Laura*

·Confronting and understanding privilege

·How to build an anti-oppressive community

·Understanding Indigenous issues

·Solidarity for the Black community

·Dissecting "Cancel Culture"


"Understanding Your Moon Sign"

*Lead by Laura, Jynee, Talina*

·Understanding the basics of your birth chart

·Finding your moon sign

·How your Moon Sign affects your whole being

·Intro to Tarot


"Connecting to Artistic Expression"

*Lead by Laura*

·Connecting to our inner artist

·Learning how to express without the anxiety

·Tapping into your personal style

·Using art and creativity therapeutically 

*Please note curriculum order is subject to change*

Who is this for?

→ Those who are looking for communal education

→ Those who will engage in discussions

→ Those who are ready to make real changes 

→ Those who are willing to show up and be vulnerable and honest

→ Those who can financially invest without personal harm

What should I expect?

→Book and pay for each session when you are ready.

→ You will be sent a workbook before the call, please print

→ Show up to the Study Session with an open heart and mind, we'll handle the rest


"Is this different than a Community Call?"

→ Yes.

Your $10 membership comes with a monthly community check-in on the first Saturday of each month. 

Study Sessions are additional, separate monthly gatherings for focused learning and healing.

These are not included in your membership.

"Are we going to be sharing?"

→ If you want, yes.

Just like Community Calls, our Study Sessions are structured, interactive calls with plenty of opportunities to share. This is not a typical workshop where one person teaches, we all learn through shared experience.

"What is the cost breakdown?"

→ Each session is $50- $100 CAD

Sessions will cost more if we have guest speakers. We aim to fairly compensate every person for their time.

"Do you do gifted spots?!"

→ Yes. 

Each month we will invite 3 community members to join our call for free. These spots are paid for by Inclusive Love and fellow loving members who want to see you win.

Put your name on the waitlist below, we got you!

"Can I pay for a spot for someone else?"

→ Abso-fucking-lutely

This is community mentality, this is mutual aid, and this is just plain beautiful of you to consider.

Please make a donation below.

So, you ready?! Excited?!