Vision Boards- An Absolute Necessity

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

If you're in this space then there's a huge chance you're weird, believe in something spiritual or supernatural, and want to harness all of this energy to transform your life. You're here because you want answers on how to understand the world and how to use your very specific gifts to contribute in a positive way. There's also a good chance you're overwhelmed by where the hell to start "manifesting" (eyeroll) everything that you want. 

Before I get into it I really want to break down the term "manifest" because I think it's become another term filed under "Heavily Used But No One Really Understands" like empathy, boundaries, mindfulness, and... self-love. A lot of super spiritual people toss around the word manifest like it's a mythical superpower that some special people acquire to get everything they want- like if you just think about something obsessively it'll somehow make its way to you.. and yes, kinda.. but also no, not at all. 

To me, manifesting means visualization, quantifiable goals, and action. You can dream about something every second of every day but if you don't have the tools, environment, or skill set, how the heck would that even work? Manifesting isn't merely about achieving miracles, it's about accomplishing goals. Boiling it down to miracles minimizes your personal responsibility for doing the work to get what you want- and will most likely keep you frustrated when you realize "manifesting" isn't really what you thought it was. 

It's the same principal behind affirmations from the Universe. They don't just magically appear out of nowhere, but what's happening is that your subconscious and conscious are working in alignment and seeking something specific. Having something constantly in the forefront of your mind means you're operating intentionally and are more likely to see it, hear it, come across it. If you think about bananas for 48 hours straight I promise you that you'll see more bananas in your life than you ever have before- not because they magically appeared- but because it's in your conscious mind. 

The other element to this is that in order to actually utilize the power of manifesting, you have to truly believe at core, soul level that you are in control of your life, that our Universe is made of energy, and that every action has an energetic charge. Understanding this principal can help you take more responsibility for your words and actions. 

When we think there's no purpose to life or no real consequences to our actions or inactions, of course we blame everything on everyone else. The moment we recognize how much internal power we have, that thoughts are energy and therefore actions, that we are in control of our lives, this is where this magic happens. This is when we shift from victim to victor, from surviving to thriving. 

It's a lot of responsibility and sometimes painful to take full ownership over everything in your life, but it is the most liberating way to exist in our world. How exhausting, dehumanizing and distracting is it to believe we are always the victim of our circumstances? How liberating, powerful, and inspiring is it to realize that through consistent action, unlearning, and humility- we can have almost anything we want. That through self-awareness and responsibility, we can navigate almost every curveball. 

Think about it this way- let's say you want to manifest abundance in the form of money. Thinking about ~money, money, money~ everyday isn't going to land you a winning lottery ticket or a major raise. In fact, it will most likely have you focused on what you lack. What will land you that abundance is actionable steps, self-awareness, and goals. 

Let’s just break down this example to show you what I mean:

What you need:

1. Magazine, newspapers

2. Pen, paper, scissors

3. Cork board, bristol board, any large surface to create on

4. Bonus- Pinterest and a printer

Goal: Financial Abundance 

Step1: Find Purpose

1. Find a “Why”- What is your purpose for saving? A house? Car? To Move? Self-Care? If you had all the wealth in the world what would you even do with it?

2. The reason why it’s so important to find your purpose is because it helps you set your goal. Why would anyone give up daily indulgence for no reason? You’re doing it because you’re invested in Future You and their success. 

3. Finding your purpose helps keep you inspired and it helps remind you why you’re doing what you’re doing when shit hits the fan. If we’re aimlessly sacrificing and visualizing, what’s the point? When does the reward come? 

Step 2: Life Inventory

2. Take an inventory of your current financial situation (income/expenses)

3. Find the leaky holes (UberEats, Coffees, Monthly Subscriptions)

4. Either find 3 things you could easily go without (do you need 3 monthly streaming services? Do you really need to buy breakfast and lunch at work? Can you go from bi-weekly pedicures to monthly? Do you really need that magazine subscription?) Or find a reasonable, manageable amount you could save each month. If you put $10 away each month you need the self-discipline, the focus, and the purpose on why you can’t touch that money when you see it grow. The benefit of saving small over sacrificing is that you still get what you want, you just don’t have room for the impulsive, aimless