On Letting Your Soul Speak

Have you ever had a dream where there was someone you know but they didn’t look like themselves? Where you recognized the soul and spirit of that person but they came in a different form?

I feel like that is the ultimate dichotomy between our soul and our brain. For the last few weeks I have been ruminating over the idea that our soul is this all-knowing, intuitive, powerful, creative force inside of us and our brain is the power centre of our human experience. These thoughts alone aren’t revolutionary but the way they’ve informed my life lately have been.

When we watch wild animals in their natural habitat waking, hunting, surviving, and existing we don’t think much about it. It’s natural for them. They just do what they’re meant to do and they don’t complicate things. They have everything they need for survival already inside of them. They “know”.

I truly feel like it’s the same for humans. Our soul incarnates lifetime after lifetime intuitively and this gut feeling is our inner compass. It’s the brain that complicates it all. It’s the brain that interprets the images we see so that our soul can have something tangible to navigate. Our brain is the years of social conditioning right from preschool that simultaneously unlocks our powers while moulding us to fit society. The society that deems certain unique qualities as useless if they don’t fit within a capitalist structure. The society that deems us as “others” if we don’t do what is expected, required, and laid out for our life path.

People always tell us to use our brain. To use our common sense. But the common sense they’re alluding to is social conditioning. “Use the tools society gave you. Conform. Do what others would do in this situation.” Well, I implore you to do the opposite.

I think real healing for me has come from the slow dissolution of all conditioning that doesn’t serve me anymore. That “common sense”, that hive-mind. Healing for me has been sitting quietly in my mind and asking what my soul wants. How it wants to be expressed. How it wants to communicate. Healing for me has meant reframing my weaknesses, my vulnerability, my introvertedness, my sensitivity- as power. Do you know how uncommon a soft soul is? Do you know how often that soft soul armours up just to survive this world? That is a tragedy. A loss. A waste.

My work has turned from survival to optimal living. To allowing my soul to override my brain and make loving decisions for myself and my life. To allowing joy. To allowing the flow of abundance instead of forcing it. And ironically this has made my life easier.

Naturally I have moments of discomfort and skepticism because I’m on a path I have never been before. And instead of letting my brain take over and send me messages of panic, insecurity, and scarcity I’m letting my soul talk. Your brain knows logic, it knows survival, it knows how to take care of itself. Your soul is the warm blanket that comes in and offers you a cup of tea and asks you what you really want, what you’re really feeling.

So my challenge to you is to let your soul do a little more and your brain do a little less. Trust that you know way more than survival. You know way more than just being okay.

Life lessons, abundance, love, and growth wont always package itself in something we recognize- sometimes we truly need to trust our soul instinct to guide us through the experience until it makes sense to the rest of us.

Trust yourself more. Let your soul do a little more leading.