Coaching Bundles

Personal, Professional, Spiritual Support

If you're looking for more long-term accountability, now offering bundles

$199/ one

Single Support Session

A single session is good if you:

  • Aren't looking for therapy but don't want something long-term

  • Want a safe, non-judgemental space to share your whole self in

  • Are open to a unique dynamic of humour, tough love, and mental health with a coach who feels more like a friend 

$599/ four

Short-term Bundle

A short-term bundle is good if:

  • You resonate with a single session but struggle with following through

  • You need an accountability partner

  • You'd like to save some $

$749/ gyw

Grow Your Wings Rebirth

Grow Your Wings strips people to their rawest form in order to ignite an authentic, empowered rebirth.

In 30 days we unpack;

  • Inner Child & Family Dynamics

  • Mother & Sister Wound

  • Core Beliefs & False Self

  • Intuition & Discernment

  • Etc.

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