What is Inclusive Love?

A Bunch of Supportive Weirdos

Humans who believe that the revolution starts from within, but must be nurtured through healthy community

In 2016, Laura Hesp created Inclusive Love to fundraise and bring awareness to social issues close to her in Toronto, Canada. What began as a small passion project turned into an expansive community of artists, creators, activists, story-tellers, humans, aliens, and weirdos

Laura has always had a unique way of blending her knowledge and humour to meet people where they are. Her approach to uncomfortable topics brings a raw and honest edge to her podcast, which is frequently found charting in Mental Health & Wellness around the world.


She does not shy away from her past and is known for holding workshops and publishing guidebooks focused on family dynamics, childhood trauma, and mental health with a focus on how privilege, sexuality and race impact our healing journey.

The expression of Inclusive Love is ever-evolving, but the core mission remains the same;


 To create a healthy, supportive space where people feel seen, inspired and understand that healing, connecting, and expressing are accessible options for them, too.

If you'd like to book Laura as a speaker, a workshop host, or inquire about collaborating on a project, please email info@inclusivelove.com.