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Grow Your Wings

Group Rebirth

If self-love and healing were on the other side of discomfort, would you have the courage to face your fears?

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Grow Your Wings is a beautiful, uncomfortable, and life-changing program.

Through 4 individual sessions, Laura will take you through a rebirth experience designed to uncover and unpack who you are, and why you are.

The Curriculum:

Part 1: The Caterpillar

Childhood & Family Dynamics

Part 2: The Chrysalis

Core Beliefs & Self-Concept

Part 3: The Butterfly

Accountability, Forgiveness, & Boundaries

Part 4: Community

Integrating Into & Healing With Community

*Please note that you cannot skip steps, this program must be done in order*

Who is this for?

→ Those who have been to or are going to therapy

→ Those who have at least one solid support in their life

→ Those who are committed to making hard changes

→ Those who are willing to show up and be vulnerable and honest

→ Those who can financially invest without personal harm

What should I expect?

→Book and pay for each session when you are ready.

→ The recommended time is 3-4 weeks between each session.

→ You will be sent a welcome package, please read thoroughly

→ Show up to your first session with an open heart and mind, I'll handle the rest

*Those who finish all 4 sessions will receive a print + letter to acknowledge your healing*



"Is GYW a 1:1 or group program?"

→ GYW was originally a 30-day group program but has been broken down to be more accessible

"How do I book it?!"

→ GYW is run every Monday*

1. Click the link below and book your time.

2. In the questionnaire, answer which part you're on (1-4)

3. I will email you the guidebook ahead of time

4. You book and pay for the next one when you're ready.

*If you require a time outside of Monday's please email 

"What is the cost breakdown?"

→ Each session is $269CAD

→ There are four 90-minute sessions to complete the program.

→ Each session includes a 15-page guidebook.

"Is GYW a 1:1 or group program?"

→ GYW was originally a 1:1 and group program but was broken down to remain accessible to more humans

"Is GYW appropriate if I've suffered trauma?"

→ Absolutely- but it should not be used in lieu of therapy. GYW will force you to confront parts of yourself that you may not have seen or understood before and it's important that you have a thunder buddy outside of Laura that you can talk to.

"If I don't want to continue after the first one, can I stop?"

→ Absolutely! This is your journey and you should never feel tied to a person or program that isn't working for you

"K, cool, but what's the vibe, I'm anxious!?"

→ I am the same person you see online, I do not magically turn into a stuffy therapist, I'm here to guide and support and that means being real, using humour, being honest, and holding a fun but challenging space for you to grow in.

So, you ready?! Click below!

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