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What are your community calls like?

Picture 50-60 incredible humans holding a safe space for each other to be raw. We laugh, we cry, we share, we support, and we feel the fullness of being surrounded by love.

What's the best way to support?

I created the $5 subscription option for those of you who came from Patreon and want to support my work. I appreciate you so much, and yes, you are still invited to the community calls.

Can I take any GYW part I want?

Simply put, no. Grow Your Wings is a layered program where each part builds off the previous work. In order for me to ensure you understand the work, I'm requiring that you start at the beginning- Childhood & Family Dynamics.

There is no requirement to finish all 4 parts, but there *is* a special gift for those who do.

How do I report an abusive member on the site?

If you have had an issue with another member please email support@inclusivelove.com thoroughly explaining the issue and provide evidence if possible. 

We have a 3-strike policy but reserve the right to remove anyone at any time due to harassment in any form.

Can I book a consult first?

If you're investing in a 4-session bundle you can email laura@inclusivelove.com. I would, however, encourage you to book at least 1 session with any coach before jumping into something more long-term.

Why is there a pay wall? 

Although Laura has worked very hard to keep her products and services accesible, there is still a cost to host this platform. 

Additionally, having a paywall helps ensure that everyone here is investing in the community and therefore maintains a level of safety and privacy for our member areas.