A Lil' About Laura

Be authentic. Speak your truth. Know your worth.


Never one to fit in a box, Laura uses her weird personality, spicy sense of humour, and wisdom to call in her community of fellow weirdos.

In 2016 Laura lost her father to homelessness and addiction, which sent her into a public confrontation with her own internal struggles. This journey became relatable at a time where people were busy posting their highlights on social media, not their pain. Her platform grew rapidly and the foundation of Inclusive Love was born.

Having spent over 20 years in the mental health field as both patient and professional, Laura committed to providing inspiring, alternative, and accessible resources that she felt were missing throughout her healing journey.


When the 2020 pandemic hit, Laura swung into action and created endless communal resources to support people through the global crisis, but by December she sunk into a deep burnout.

 While taking a long break from social media and mental health spaces, Laura went from dabbling in art as a hobby to being completely engulfed in a world that was explosive with colour, inspiration, and a language for expression that had been abandoned as a teen.

After a decade of paving paths and guiding creative souls, Laura recognized that while she had dedicated her life to holding space for other people, she had not been holding space for herself.


She has finally retired from her role as Emotional Support Human for Full-Time Artist.

Catch her in her sun-soaked studio creating anything her heart desires and expressing her weirdness in bold, beautiful colour.

You can find her workbooks, digital art, acrylic paintings, and Paint Plants here.